Academic Experience

2022 - Current
Middle Tennessee State University, TN, USA

Graduate Research Assistant

  1. Engage in advanced research activities within the Systems Engineering Laboratory at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).
  2. Oversee and coordinate laboratory operations to ensure efficient and effective research outcomes.
  3. Provide mentorship to graduate students, focusing on the practical applications of modeling and simulation techniques.
  4. Collaborate with faculty members and research teams to develop and publish scholarly papers.
2020 - 2022
Middle Tennessee State University, TN, USA

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant

  1. Led microprocessor projects and oversaw electronics and electrical circuit analysis for students.
  2. Conducted and coordinated research in Digital Circuits using a Microcontroller and BASIC Stamp Board with PBASIC programming.
  3. Assisted students with Arduino and C++ programming projects.
  4. Graded laboratory projects and coursework.
  5. Organized tests, examinations, and projects for students.
  6. Coordinated and prepared instruments for laboratory procedures.
  7. Provided one-on-one mentorship and academic guidance to students, enhancing their understanding of complex engineering concepts.
2017 - 2019
Crescent Schools, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Physics Laboratory Specialist and Instructor

  1. Trained and instructed students on laboratory activities.
  2. Repaired laboratory equipment and analyzed electrical faults.
  3. Taught physics classes and prepared students for local and international examinations.
  4. Collaborated with interdisciplinary faculty to integrate physics concepts into other science and math curricula.
  5. Implemented technology-enhanced teaching methods, including simulation software and interactive learning platforms, to improve student engagement and comprehension.
  6. Spearheaded after-school science clubs and activities, fostering a deeper interest in physics and other STEM fields among students.

Technical Experience

2013- 2014
Doland Resources and Services Limited, Lagos, Nigeria.

Information Technology (IT) Specialist

1. Operated, maintained, and repaired desktops and computer hardware.
2. Troubleshot computer networks relating to windows operating systems and applications.
3. Configured LAN/WAN operations in the company.
4. Installed new computer software and hardware components.
5. Resolved I.T. issues that colleagues had with their systems and software.
6. Developed and maintained the company's website.

2009 - 2009
Link-Strides Security Systems Limited, Lagos, Nigeria.

Electronics and Safety technologist (Internship)

1. Installed and maintained Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, Burglar alarm systems, Fire alarm systems, Fire suppression systems, Automatic extinguishing systems (FM200), PABX, Audio-video systems, Access control doors, and Biometric doors.
2. Purchased electronic components for installation and reviewed accessories bills and supplies.

2005 - 2006
Femstar Bottling Company Limited, Lagos, Nigeria.

Electrical Maintenance Technician (Internship)

1. Installed, troubleshot, and maintained electrical motors used in controlling factory conveyors.
2. Laid electrical cables for installation and lighting purposes in the company.
3. Analyzed electronic and electrical circuits and repaired electronic devices.
4. Maintained electrical systems and installed conduit cables for new electrical projects.
5. Worked closely with the mechanical department team to weld faulty and broken machinery.